This blog was set up to help support and document my progress in attempting to write a book on the development of the London hip-hop scene.

This project started with my undergrad dissertation back in 2010 and continued over the last two years with research into my masters thesis (which will form the backbone for the book and can be read on the ‘thesis’ page on this blog). Its always been my intention to write a book on this subject and now the work can start on making it happen.

I suppose you’re wondering why. Why London? Why hip-hop? Why bother? Well its simple really, hip-hop scenes have formed in Britain for over thirty years and very few people have bothered to write in any real depth about them. As a fan and performer of UK hip-hop I want more people to know whats going on here, not just across the pond in the US. I chose to look specifically at London purely because thats where I grew up and thats what I know. Further down the line I’d like to write about scenes in other cities but for now I’ll stick to London.

I’ll try and keep this blog updated regularly with how I’m getting on and my opinions on various aspects of hip-hop. Feel free to comment and drop me a line with any feedback, at this stage its still pretty early on so any suggestions will be taken on board.


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