All in the Ghetto: Gentrification and Hip-Hop in London The song above is by Anglo-German band Jahcoozi, who's vocalist is a London-born Sri Lankan woman called Sasha Perera. The song, "Takin Your Streets", is a critique of gentrification in London parodying the most visible proponents of this process, the much-maligned hipsters. While hipsters may be the easiest target for any anti-gentrification sentiment, they … Continue reading All in the Ghetto: Gentrification and Hip-Hop in London


Micall Parknsun Gig Review

Micall Parknsun/Jyager/One OZ/The Being Emcees Electric Circus, Edinburgh – 18.03.13 4 Stars A blizzard blows outside in a fitting example of winter in Scotland as we make our way through the city to the gig. Inside in the warmth of Electric Circus, however, something much rarer is occurring.....a hip-hop gig in Edinburgh. These don't happen … Continue reading Micall Parknsun Gig Review

The Merit of London Posse

A few days ago I was talking to a friend of mine who asked me why Rodney P is considered the first British rapper. This got me thinking. While chronologically that is definitely not the case (with rappers such as Derek B, Family Quest and Richie Rich to name but a few preceding him), there … Continue reading The Merit of London Posse