Cockney Translation: Smiley Culture, Fast Chat and its effect on UK Hip-Hop

To quote Kool Herc, 'hip-hop and reggae are cousins'. I'm sure most people reading this are familiar with the origins of hip-hop. A young Jamaican expat who moved to New York with his family and wanted to recreate the sound systems he'd seen as a child in Jamaica in his new surroundings. The fact that [...]


All in the Ghetto: Gentrification and Hip-Hop in London The song above is by Anglo-German band Jahcoozi, who's vocalist is a London-born Sri Lankan woman called Sasha Perera. The song, "Takin Your Streets", is a critique of gentrification in London parodying the most visible proponents of this process, the much-maligned hipsters. While hipsters may be the easiest target for any anti-gentrification sentiment, they [...]